Welcome to TISA!


TISA stands for Tourism Industry in South Africa (yes I know, not the most creative name). As the name suggests this website/blog or whatever you want to call it, is all about the travel and tourism industry in South Africa.

We will be posting the latest tourism news, valuable travel information and doing in-depth features and reviews on the many travel attractions in South Africa.

Having spent the better part of the last decade as a travel agent, I spent quite a lot of time fielding questions from clients about which holiday destinations would be best to visit. I often also had problems finding new and interesting places to visit with my young family without having to spend hours searching online. So I thought it would be a good idea to make a website which can be of use to my clients as well as the public in general.

TISA will feature all the great tourism and travel destinations in South Africa whether big or small. We will be covering the popular cities like Durban and Cape Town, as well as the small towns that are relatively unheard of. South Africa is such a diverse land, and we believe there is a special and unique travel destination here for every person in this world.

Aside from the various travel destinations in South Africa, we will be looking at important news that affects the tourism industry. It’s important to cover the changes and developments in the industry because it plays such a vital part in our economy.

It would also be a great way to share the experiences faced by those of us who work in the industry and the hardships we face whenever there is a drastic change in the industry.

TISA will also cover trade shows and exhibitions related to travel and tourism, these events are excellent and I feel they don’t get the coverage they deserve in the mainstream media. For those of you thinking about working in the travel industry, these events are a must.

Aside from general destination and industry news, TISA will also provide valuable travel tips and recommendations of service providers who will cater to your travel requirements.


Want to contribute to TISA?

If you own or know of a great travel destination, then we welcome you to get in touch or send in a review or write-up. It would be impossible for me to cover every great destination in South Africa so your contributions will be appreciated.



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Travel Companies: Make sure you participate in the various trade shows!

Travel and tourism in South Africa is big business, and as such attracts a lot of competition from tour operators and travel agents all over the world. Everyone has to advertise obviously, using internet ads, broadcast and print media, and so on. Even in this hyper-connected world, there is still a demand for the face-to-face element. Many people like to meet and talk to their travel agents in person. After all, we do more business with people we are familiar with. And having attracted a client, they tend to stay with the same agent, sometimes for many years.

indaba1Travel shows are a way of getting that personal angle out into a new crowd. The Indaba Show, in Durban, South Africa, took place in May 2016 and is one of the biggest events of it's kind in the country. Many companies involved in the South African tourism business come together under one roof for a few days, and visitors to the exhibition get to see the wealth of opportunities and experiences that are available to anyone who wants to travel around South Africa.


In addition to this, members of the public in South Africa will want to see the latest options for traveling to different parts of the world. At the Travel Expo in February 2016 for instance, there were massive flight discounts offered, and 40% off some destinations - even some "buy one, get one free" offers.

Exhibiting at a show like Indaba for a travel company means plenty of preparation is required. Different sized businesses have differing needs and budgets, and many will not have their own specialist equipment for exhibition events like this.

Exhibitions need to be of high quality, and need to be robust, to survive the rigors of use and abuse. Some of this "abuse" might simply mean being stored for months on end, or being mishandled by people unfamiliar with the equipment.

Travel events in South Africa like Indaba or the Travel Expo attract hundreds of exhibitors, so if you're looking to put together a new exhibition stand, you want to make sure you can "stand out" from others around you.

Getting the physical stand constructed is just one part of the problem; you want to be sure that any banners or other advertising materials are going to fit with the stand, and can be attached securely but tidily. If possible, it's worth finding a supplier who can give you the whole package, so that you know in advance that the advertising materials will fit perfectly on your exhibition stand.


Exhibiting at a big show like Indaba might seem costly for some smaller businesses, but it is possible to get space as a "sharing exhibitor" by working with a "main standholder". Any subsidiary exhibits like this still need to be approved in advance by the event organizers.

Advertising at travel shows in South Africa can be a useful boost for business, as these events are attended not just by the public, but by the media as well. Get the best quality exhibition stand possible, and you will hopefully attract some media attention, and spread your message much further than the local exhibition audience.